Q: Are your nurseries Ofsted registered?

A: Yes, both our nurseries are Ofsted registered – our registration number is EY434201 for Panda and EY475203 for Panda at Marvell.  At our latest inspections we were awarded GOOD with some Outstanding features  for both our settings.


Q: When time does the nursery open?

A: Panda Spring Bank opens at 7:00am every morning and closes at 6.00pm every day.

The nursery is open 51 weeks a year – we are closed all bank holidays and Christmas week.

Panda at Marvell also operates the same opening hours, however it closes all half term weeks and summer holidays. The is no interruption to the childcare as during these times all children attend at Spring Bank setting.


Q: Do I have to pay for bank holidays and other holidays?

A: Although we pay our staff for bank holidays, we do not charge our parents for it. You will have to pay for holidays you take as again we have to staff for your child’s place for the whole year, however for three weeks each year you will be charged at 50% only, during your child’s absence.


Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: If your child is on formula milk you can bring in your bottles or provide us with a carton of formula and we will make it up as and when needed.  You will also need to bring in nappies, creams, comforters and any medication your child needs (please make sure you understand our medication policy and always sign the medication form before leaving your child with us). We also kindly ask our parents to bring in at least one spare set of clothes (and lots more when they are toilet training!).


Q: How will you settle my child into nursery?

A: We usually start with two settling in sessions – one where you stay with your child for a little bit, chat and get to know the staff in your child’s room, the other one where you leave them for about an hour or so. We also ask all parents to complete an All about me form, so that we understand your child’s daily routine, their likes and dislikes and their sleeping patterns throughout the day.


Q: What happens if my child becomes ill at nursery?

A: We will contact you immediately if your child becomes unwell whilst at the nursery.  We will monitor their temperature and symptoms, however usually we will ask you to come and collect your child (if they are not well enough to be in nursery or have a contagious illness). 

In the interests of all children it is important that your child is well before returning to nursery.


Q: What happens if my child is ill and cannot attend nursery?

A: We ask parents to ring the nursery first thing in the morning i.e. by 8 o’clock and let us know if their child will not attend that day. Unfortunately, no refund can be made if your child doesn’t attend nursery due to illness.  


Q: When do we have to pay our nursery fees?

A: Your fees are due to be paid by Friday each week. If you prefer to pay monthly, we must receive the payment upfront. We accept payments by cash, standing order, BACS and childcare vouchers. We no longer accept credit/debit card payments. Late fees will incur charge, as per out Terms and Conditions.


Q: Does the nursery accept childcare vouchers?

A: Yes. We are registered with a few voucher providers; however, if your employer uses the company we are not registered with, we can register with them, that is not a problem. We are happy to accept childcare vouchers from both parents, even if they are from different voucher companies.


Q: My child is 3 – can we use our 15 hours free at your nursery?

A: Yes, every child can claim 15 hours of Early Years  Educational Funding  from the term after their 3rd birthday. Some children may be eligible to receive 15 hours free education from the term after their 2nd birthday.  For any further information and sessions available, please speak to the Manager.



Q: How many staff are going to be there in my child’s room?

A: We work on Ofsted guidelines for adult to child ratios, and these are as follows:

      Under 2's - 1 adult to every 3 children

      2 to 3's -  1 adult to every 4 children

      3 – 5's -  1 adult to every 8 children


Q: Do staff members hold childcare qualifications?

A: Almost 70% of our staff already hold an NVQ Level 3 in childcare (or equivalent) And the reminder of staff have either NVQ Level 2 or are currently training their Level 3. Three staff hold a Degree. The majority of our staff have been trained in Paediatric First Aid and all have attended Safeguarding training. There are various other qualifications that our team holds and that include Special Educational Needs trainings, EAL and Safeguarding etc.


Q: How do I know my child is safe in nursery?

A: The Spring Bank setting operates a very advanced Biometric entry system, which provides the highest security possible, at the entrance to the building. There is also CCTV surveillance outside – around the nursery. Our play area is enclosed and monitored via CCTV.  

The setting at Marvell House also have an intercom system and CCTV, which enables staff to recognise parents coming to pick up their children. To gain entry to the Children Centre building, they must be first identified at the Reception and then there are numerous magnetic door locks throughout the setting.  All staff have Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks carried out on them – until this is received they are never left unsupervised with the children.  


Q:Are staff allowed mobile phones in the rooms?

A: No, all staff have to ensure that their phones are placed in their lockers in the staff room.  Whilst parents may have a mobile phone on in the nursery, we prohibit use of mobile phones in any areas of the building past the Reception.


Q: How can I find out what my child was doing throughout the day?

A: Our staff members will  give you daily feedback, when you pick your child up.  For the younger children you will receive the daily diary, where staff members will write what your child has eaten, when they have slept and when they had nappy changed. Also any comments about they achievements and/or photos may be found in there. Parents are encouraged to use the dairy as a communication book between them and their child’s carers. For the older children you will not receive a written report, but we’ll pass you all the information verbally. You are also welcome to look at your child’s learning journey any time you wish – this has lots of photographs and observations of your child and shows the track of their development.  We also have Parent Evenings  where you can chat to your child’s keyworker and these are usually held in Spring Term.


Q: Do the children go out on trips?

A: Yes. Toddlers and Pre-school children sometimes go out on trips such as walk up to the library, local park or Children’s day events - when weather permits us to.  We always ensure ratios are reduced whist on an outing to ensure safety of all children. Younger children often enjoy pram walks in the local park and all our children enjoy playing at Marvell House, where they can use the huge natural garden to play in.


Q: My child has a food allergy, are you able to cater for them?

A: We have a vast experience in dealing with children with different dietary requirements including allergies and intolerance's.  When your child starts at our nursery we will ask you to complete a Registration Form, which will include details of any allergies and dietary requirements.  In some circumstances, we may request a written report/confirmation of those requirements from your GP or Dietitian.


Q: Do you cater for children from various ethnical backgrounds?

A: Yes, we always try to offer a selection of foods to accommodate children’s needs.  Please understand we may not always be able to meet certain specific requirements, therefore parents are also welcomed to provide their own packed lunch if they prefer to.

Please note, you must always adhere to our Packed Lunch Policy to ensure health and safety in the setting.


Q: What happens if I can’t get to pick my child up?

A: If someone different will be picking your child up, then you must call the nursery and provide us with the person’s full name, their relationship to the child and the password. Please note, you MUST inform us EVERY time another person will be picking you child up. If you wish for them to be able to come any time, without password security checks –you must request for that person to be added to our Biometric Entry System, in person.


Q: What happens if I am delayed collecting my child?

A: We understand that there are traffic problems or problems at work that may stop you from coming to the nursery on time - please ring us as soon as you know you will be late to pick your child up, so that we can make staffing arrangements. As we have to pay two qualified staff members to stay behind, you will be charged £1 per minute to cover those costs, as per our Terms and Conditions.   If we are unaware that you are going to be late we will contact you and/or your emergency contacts – should we be unable to get through to anyone we will follow our Uncollected Child Procedure.


Q: Does the nursery have a full set of policies and procedures?

A: Yes, we have policies and procedures covering all aspects of children’s welfare, staffing etc.

 Policy Files are available to view in Reception and the manager’s office. You can request to see it at any time.   We review our policies once a year, or more often should there be a need   e.g. a change in legislation.

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