Here at Panda at Marvell our children aged 2 years to 5 are in a large bright and stimulating environment with free flow access to the outdoors. We have age appropriate equipment and our experienced staff plan a range of fun activities and experiences in response to   children's interests.

Our Pre School room at Panda is for children aged 3-5 years old, We aim to give the children choices to enable them to become independent decision makers. Children are introduced to many child friendly activities covering all areas of the EYFS.
As your child grows from a baby to a Toddler, you will notice that they become more independent, very inquisitive and need much more space to explore. Our Toddler room is a large spacious room with age appropriate equipment enhancing all areas of development, providing a sound basis for growth.
  In our Baby Toddler room the children build on the skills they have developed from our baby room.
  We have a basic structure for the day, which will help your child feel safe, secure and confident within a familiar routine, which is rich in opportunities.

  Our baby room offers a nurturing environment that is safe, secure and clean, ensuring babies grow and develop to their full potential.
  We offer plenty of colorful and stimulating toys and sensory and messy play activities which enhance the children's learning.

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