+3 #1 Kamala 2016-09-22 12:14
I would like to thank all staff and managers in Panda(Panda family). My little girl has been in Panda since eleven months of age till she finished pre school. She has been happy, safe and well cared for. The staff work very hard, are honest and take responsibility; there is good staff morale and they listen to parents views. My little girl is confident, happy and creative and staff take good interest in her daily activities. Food is good - fresh home cooking by own chef (my little girl is vegetarian), they give her vegetarian alternative. The staff are also very good at teaching and entertaining children- she sings lots of rhymes, dances cheerfully and also knows to write her name and some friends' and recognises letters, numbers and colors etc. They have variety of games and toys to play, nice little garden with different corners to play(sand, water, cosy etc). I am particularly pleased with the effort the staff put in in Christmas party and pre school graduation day. My little girl has brought home some of the art master pieces which I find hard to believe was done by three year olds, well done to all staff! My special thanks to Skye, Helena, Kara, Yvonne and Aga. Keep up the good work!!

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