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Playing with Animals

Toddler Room 

2 years to 3 years

Our toddler room is upstairs and has three rooms, the main room is open plan with access to a messy room, the other room we use for music, movement and sensory experiences. Our environment is safe and stimulating, supporting children aged two and three years old. We provide lots of opportunities to explore, grow and learn. We encourage our children to become independent, and gain their self help skills by dressing themselves, feeding themselves with a knife and fork,using their manners and of course starting to use the toilet. Our children can make their own choices and they can express themselves through mark making, painting, and messy play. We love to be in our amazing garden exploring and learning about the world around us whilst burning off lots of energy. We enjoy circle times,teaching us to take turns and helping us make friends, we sing and listen to stories, developing children’s social and communication skills. Staff build on the prime areas of learning but we start to focus on the specific areas of learning teaching children numbers, counting, reading and writing. The toddler room introduces children to a more structured day and helps prepare them for our pre school room.

Toddler Room: Programs
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